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LED and Fiber Optic Lighting by Del Lighting

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Del Lighting designs superior LED lighting and fiber optic lighting systems for commercial or home lighting, accent lighting, star fields, landscape or pool lighting. Fiber optic lighting can be used for a neon look or spot lighting that can change colors on cue.   It gives you light, but no electricity, heat, infrared or ultraviolet radiation. LED lighting is an energy efficient way to light up large areas with a pure white light or color changing effects.  We also offer Lasers and UV lighting for theater and club lighting; plus architectural lighting for exterior applications. Just click on the Site Map or Products buttons for a complete listing of our many fine products. Please ask about our dealer program!

Fiber Optic Lighting


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LED Lighting


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Professional LED Tape

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Please visit the Basics of fiber optic lighting for an overview of what fiber optic lighting is all about. For an easy fix for those hard to light areas, visit out LED Accent Lighting page. The Site Map will help guide you, but you might check out the Cable Guide, Star field Guide and the Design Guide to start gathering important information on the components, designing, cable preparation and installation of a fiber optic lighting system. Another place for this valuable information can be found in the Products Page. On it, you will find links to very useful products and how to use them. If your project involves a pool, spa or sauna, then please visit our Pool & Spa page. Youíll get some ideas of what is possible there. Some of the information found on the Pool & Spa page can used when your project is outdoor lighting, and donít forget to see the many different landscape lighting fixtures we offer on our Landscape Lighting page. While youíre there, donít forget to look at some other fixtures on our Ceiling Light and End Piece pages. For special effects for stage, school or any large venue, we have Fiber optic Curtains that really sparkle! If youíre wondering what all of this will look like, check out the Showcase page!
If you need assistance with any of this, DEL Lighting offers nationwide installation service of all of our products. Please call us at (210) 590-5196 and weíll be happy to help. Also, visit our
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Most of these pictures are of projects Del Lighting helped designed. We can help you with your project too, just give us a call.

Fiber Optic Projects

Fiber Optic Bath Lighting th Fiber Optic Starfields Header Fiber Optic Lighting Art Projects th Fiber Optic Lighting Glass Block Wall th
Fiber Optic Lighting Art Project 2th Fiber Optic Lighting Accent Lighting th
Fiber Optic Decoritive Lighting th Fiber Optic Lighting Colors
Fiber Optic Lighting Water Feature 8th Fiber Optic Pool Starfield 2a
Fiber Optic Lighting Water Feature 10th Fiber Optic Lighting Star_Trek_Starfield_1th Fiber Optic Lighting Chandelier th Fiber Optic Lighting Starfied Curtain 3th

LED Lighting Projects

LED Landscape_Lighting th
LED Flexneon Accent Lighting 2th LED  Decorative Cove Lighting th LED Oudoor Advertising LED  Decorative Cove Lighting 3th Fiber Optic Lighting Accent Lighting 3th
Fiber Optic Lighting Accent Lighting Header
LED Backlighting_Honey_Onyx Laser Starfield th LED Flexneon for Advertising 1 LED Glass Block Lighting 1
LED Garden_Lighing th

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