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Semi Pro and DJ Series Lasers


PULSE DJ Series of laser products is by far the most versatile and expansive.

Products in this series range from sound active, auto play stand-alone, linkable, and full featured semi-professional projectors.

Classified as the DJ Series these units were designed for not just DJ's but nightclubs, bars, bands, schools, bowling centers, and virtually any venue where 4.95mW of laser is required. With these projectors no variance from the FDA is required to operate them. This makes these projectors attractive to mobile DJ's as well.

From the Star Series to the Interceptor Series to the pinnacle of performance and functionality of the New Stinger Series OmniSistem PULSE has every leading laser product at every price. Whether you are on a limited budget or have a little extra to invest in the very best our quality and performance exceeds expectations at all levels.

If you are considering a laser purchase there is no need to look any further. Del Lighting/PULSE has over 31 laser projectors ranging from 4.95mW to 5-Watts. Trust your investment to the recognized leading entertainment laser products company in the US.

                                                                 Semi Pro Series :: Stinger Semi Pro

Stinger HPS come locked and loaded with 25 of the most favorite aerial laser effects. Couple that with X, Y, Z-axis rotation, X-Axis Gain and Y-Axis Offset and the Stinger HPS can create hundreds of variations of the 25 base patterns. Select able with DMX or with sound activation via the LED Mode menu system these effects pulse, twist, and turn with the beat of the music.

The extra wide scan angle makes for incredibly wide aerial laser scans. The Stinger's images are not intended for patterns on the wall. The design of the Stinger was specifically intended for raw aerial performance that is not compromised by constraints of systems designed for on screen images.

Stinger HPS can easily target bounce mirrors and remote effects as well as strategically place laser effects for the total aerial laser beam and scanning show!

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Stinger 1B
$1,599.00 ea

Stinger 1G
$699.00 ea

Stinger 200R

Stinger RGB High Power Laser

Stinger HPS is the first release of the revolutionary new L.A.D. technologies exclusive to Del Lighting Laser Division. Stinger HPS is the first US designed Asian manufactured high power laser projector that has been FDA Certified.

Laser Gloves

Technical Specifications:
Power: 2 AA Batteries per glove
Material: Genuine Leather
Padded palm
Elastic band for wrist mobility
Adjustable Velcro strap
Control: Manual
Size: One size fits most
Available for Right or Left Hand.
Price: $99.99 Each

WBC-22r DSC01075r

Planet Galaxy
56 - 4.95w red lasers in a rotating ball
Purchase for $499.00! 
Rent for $100/week

Laser Starfield Ceiling

DJ Series

Effect try1

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Club II

Club II
Purchase: $649.00

Ameba II

Ameba II

Magic Box MC

Magic Box
Purchase:$629.00 ea
Rent: $125/week

Q-Beam Series


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Rocket I & II

Rocket Laser
Purchase: RED: $269.00
               GREEN: $799.00
               RED/GREEN: $629.00

Multiple Effect Star Lasers



Price: $399.00


Movie One

Movie Two



Price: $179.00


Movie One

Movie Two

Fog Machines

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