LED Light Panels

The LED Light Panel is a well-designed, lay-in ceiling troffer fixture widely used in offices, hospitals, and other professional locales.

    The LED Light Panel is a new white LED based product designed for both commercial and household applications.  It is designed to fit directly into standard drop ceilings, installed into recessed cut ins, surface mounted, or hung.  LED Light Panel can also be applied to walls as addition light sources and decorative illumination.
    The LED Light Panel last 2.5 to 3.5 times longer than florescent tubes, consumes significantly less power, provides smooth consistent white light and is not toxic to the environment.  Another benefit of the LED Light Panel is the light emits evenly across the entire panel surface and provides balanced illumination without glare.
    Unlike conventional fluorescent fixtures, the LED Light Panel is dimmable. It installs directly into existing and standard electrical systems. 
    LED Panel has an outstanding luminous efficacy of 100lm/W achieved by utilizing ultra-bright SMD LEDs in tandem with Japanese-design reflective materials.  Thanks to its good heatsink design, LED Light Panels have unbelievable low In-situ temperature 33
    ΊC. By mounting LED arrays at the back side of the panel, rather than sideways, as is usually done in other panels on the market, Flat LED Light Panels achieve maximum heat dissipation and thermal control capabilities. Such a design also helps ensure low lumen decay. Calculated L70 lifetime is 94,000h.  DLC, LDL, CE, RoHS, ETL  (ETL No.: 4003329) 5 year warranty

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Our waiting room. 
Bright light and no UV!

Benefits to LED Light Panels

High luminous efficacy (Typ. 100 lm/W)
Maximum heat dissipation with LED arrays at the back;
UL/cUL, KEMA and CE certified external driver;
High luminous flux and brightness;
Solid state, high shock & vibration resistant;
Instant-start, no flickering or humming;
Environmentally friendly and energy saving;
Green and eco-friendly lighting source constructed without mercury.

Specifications for 2’x2’, 1’x4’, 2’x4’:
Dimensions: 603*603 mm, 301*1212mm, 603*1212 mm
Input Voltage: 120~277VAC
Lumens: 3600 lm, 3600 lm, 6000 lm
Color Accuracy  CRI>80
Power Consumption: 40W, 40W, 60W
PF/THD: >0.95/<10%
Housing: Extrusion Aluminum and PC diffuser

Availability and Description

2’ x 2’ (603*603mm):   4000K & 5000K, 40w, 3600 lm, Frosted Lens   Price: $150.00ea

1’ x 4’ (301*1212mm)   4000K & 5000K,  40w, 3600 lm, Frosted Lens  Price: $150.00ea

2’ x 4’ (603*1212mm)   4000k & 5000K   50w, 4500 lm, Frosted Lens   Price: $200.00ea

Comparison to typical 24” x 24” grill lamp

LED Light Panel Lumen Reference


LED Light Panel (24”‘x24”)

Fluorescent fixture

Spacing Critera.
729 SMD LED’s

C0/180: 1.26; C90/270: 1.23

3 - 14w T5 tubes

Luminous flux of
single light source



Luminous flux of
whole light fixture

3813 lm

1773 lm

Luminous (6’ under
the lighting fixture)

33 to 34 FC

31 to 32 FC

Power consumption

40.93w @ 36VDC


Beam angle

92 degrees

80 to 85 degrees

Life span

69,000 hrs

15,000 to 20,000 hrs



Contains mercury

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